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"After taking InflaMedix for three days, I had no more painful, shoulder muscle spasms requiring daily Flexeril. I didn't need to use my spinal cord stimulator on a daily basis for my painful leg neuropathy - I was pain free all over! I basically felt like a new person. Then I ran out of the pills and I felt like a creaking old lady - stiff, pain in my joints and my muscle spasms had returned. I couldn't wait to start the Inflamedix again!"   ~ Sharon H.


“I have been using your new anti-inflammatory medication called, "InflaMedix," for 3 months. I recently had total knee replacement surgery and suffer in various other joints with osteoarthritis. After using Inflamedix for 2 weeks, I noticed a great improvement in flexibility and joint pain reduction. I even went off my prescription Celebrex! The supplement was easy to take with or without food. Please keep up the great work on healthy products to help people improve their health.” ~ Bob K.


“I am a diabetic and was training for a marathon. I had felt sluggish most of my life from my diabetes. I began the Pure 28 Day program to help me with my marathon training. I had never felt better! My A1C went from a 10 to a 8.4, and I went from using 70 units a day of insulin, to just 10 unit's a day!”           ~ Tabitha W


“I have been suffering from arthritis and joint pain for years. I have added Pure Greens and Pure AOmega's to my daily workout regimen and have noticed a significant difference in how I am feeling. I have less pain, and much more energy - and they are great tasting!“ ~ Cindy S


"I want to let you know how much I LOVE your product. I have diverticulum which often flares up. The past six months or so I have been having the whole list of issues associated with this. I had mentioned this to my chiropractor and he recommended your products. After using it for two days I noticed a difference, and am now feeling a thousand times better." ~ Wanata Lee - Cameron Brothers Company, LLC


"I generally don't like powders and prefer a real food. However, I have been using your Pure Plant Protein powder and Pure Greens for myself, especially before hockey when I don't want much food in my stomach. I feel good when I have it and I have several patients who say your protein powder is the only one that doesn't upset their stomach." ~ Dr. Andrew Specht


"After using a popular protein for quite some time, I switched to NutraGen's Pure Plant Protein, Pure Greens and Pure Digestion Plus a few months ago. The taste is fantastic and I definitely feel a difference in my performance while working out. My energy level and stamina is much higher and I don't feel the aches and pains that I used to after an intense workout!" ~ Kerry M.


"I’ve been using Pure Plant Protein for the past 10 days. It has helped curb my appetite and has given me a boost of energy to accomplish more in my daily activity and exercise. I highly recommend it for those wanting to cut unhealthy cravings, lose weight and increase their energy levels to get through even the toughest workout." ~ Kim Green – Engineer, Oakland Fire Department


"Pure Plant Protein is terrific! Immediately upon drinking a shake my alertness improves; it’s like someone has turned the lights on in my brain. Energy is a wow! I can do more for longer periods. My digestion is also greatly improved and I’m more regular. Overall I feel so much better!" ~ Cherylene Robison – Artist


"I began using Pure Plant Protein four weeks ago. During that time I have noticed an increase in energy, which lasts most of the day. I am not “grazing” on snacks like I was before. I love the taste, texture and look forward to trying the new flavors when they are released. It is simply the best!"~ Liz Hicks – Nurse


“The Pure 7 Day Program really opened my eyes. I was able to make simple changes in my daily routine that produced huge results. My strength and energy are up, but more importantly, my stomach issues are gone and I’m sleeping through the night. I can’t believe how much better I feel!” ~ Daniel, Financial Advisor


“Pure 28 taught me a lot about my food choices and how those choices were causing my fatigue, sleepiness, bloating, and stomach pain. My stamina has increased and I’m more productive throughout the day. Amazingly, my husband and I lost a combined 35 pounds in 28 days, but more importantly, we passed along healthier eating habits to our kids.” ~ Erika, Registered Nurse


“Through Pure 28 I learned healthier eating habits, lost 10 pounds, and felt good doing it. I have plenty of energy at home, work, and during my athletics. Thank you!” ~ Tanisha, Emergency Physician

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